Your ticket is more than a chance to win - it's a chance to change lives.

Our Stories

You have touched my heart and you provided me a non-anxious presence when I was brittle and wounded. You listened to me; you inspired me. Today I am working at a hospital. I attempt to listen to broken people like you listened to me. My conversations with St. Jude House and the work that I have done - and continue to do - teach me that what isn't healed, transmits and that what is healed, transforms. 

~St. Jude House Client Survivor

A friend of mine told me that there was a YMCA in Crown Point, my eyes lit up! When I began my classes I was using two inhalers daily and would give one to the lifeguard to hold for me. Today the lifeguards rarely ever see my inhaler, amen! It was the people at the Y that drove me and kept me strong. I'm blessed to be in their presence every day, amen, one love!

~Tracey, Crossroads YMCA Member

Everything you all did mattered. When you have nothing, even the tiniest of things take on great importance. From what I experienced the staff is very aware of that and go out of their way to make sure everyone coming through its door receives a feeling of personal attention and the knowledge that staff really care. 

~St. Jude House Client Survivor

I use the YMCA on a daily basis. The Y offers a variety of things that have benefited my family of five, including the excellent daycare, many youth programs, and wellness center to say the least. The friendly accommodating staff has made my family and me feel right at home when we walk through the door. 

~Nicole, Crossroads YMCA Member